Greg Footit  Greg Footit

Greg grew up in Lilydale and attended Croydon High School from 1962 – 1968. In his senior years his interest in the visual arts began to emerge under the influence of a faithful Art Teacher called “Mrs Thompson” – who gave him encouragement (and the run of the art wing.) 

He completed a Diploma in Fine Arts (ART AND DESIGN) in 1970, majoring in painting and printmaking. Major influences at this stage were Fred Williams, Vincent Van Gogh and others. During this period Greg developed his passion for the Australian landscape.

In 1972 he married Sharon, his major critic, encourager, and for many years, financial supporter.



Sharon FootitSharon Footit

 A spiritual odyssey – Sharon

Born: Carlton 1952- lived in Box Hill – youngest of 6 children

1958-63 Went to Springfield Road Primary School.  Moved to Croydon at the end of 63

1964 – 1969 Attended Croydon High School – met Greg 1st day of school, engaged to be married in end of Matriculation year.  It was during this time that I experienced the voice of the Holy Spirit in my life, in a vision that sent me looking at the Christian Faith for guidance and direction. 

1970 – After conversion, but without deep knowledge of the faith I now held onto, the Holy Spirit's voice continued to guide me.  My faith was based on hearing and responding to the experience of God's presence, through still small voice within, or in dreams and visions.

1972 – Married Greg – Supported him financially while he worked on Diploma of Art and Design.  Both of us committed to Christ, and involved in Charismatic renewal within Anglican Church we attended.  Greg started as art teacher at Lilydale Technical School; we moved to Lilydale, started family; Melanie born in 1976.