Mark's Passion 7 “First Light” 5am


Mark continues his time sequence again. There are two times mentioned here. Immediately following the Sabbath three of the women go and purchase the necessary spices to perfume the body. This tells us clearly what they expected to find. Then in the early morning of the next day, the third day, they creep to the tomb in the half light. But they are already too late!


Big bang. Too late! Who are you looking for: name, place of origin, mode of death confirmed, but Jesus is already on another journey and we must follow. The women are the first witnesses, but I like Mark’s little touch of mentioning Peter by name – how does he feel right now? – and the other disciples. And the women do what I would have done, run first, tell later.
And the telling still goes on, off the canvass, off in time, off in space. The witnesses grow in number, and still do today. The effects of that singularity ripple on till we too go beyond the curtain.


Glory of Jesus
Wonder of Creation