Mark's Passion 4 “Crucifixions” 9am


Commentary and Explanation

Have you noticed how Mark names the hour, the times of the day? The sun is well up now, but it seems strangely chilly.
There are some in this crowd who know Jesus well, and love him. But most take this last opportunity to mock and shame him. I wonder what was going through the mind of Mary his mother right now?
The soldiers do their duty, as soldiers do” But some waver. Sure, they’ve seen many crucifixions. Romans were good at crucifixions. They kept the mob in line. The criminals get what they deserve, but one of these seems different, and “captain, my captain” seems …. “affected.” Not quite his impartial self. And don’t the crowd give it to him? They don’t get their hands dirty with this work, but there is plenty of blood to go round, and plenty of passion too. But there are some practicalities as well. Free clothes for the taking.


Glory of Jesus
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