Mark's Passion 3 “Journeys” 7am



Just a couple of verses, but important. An early morning procession on an execution day. The crowd is strangely silent, hushed. The soldiers do their crowd control. Scattered amongst the mob who watch are some women. The Centurion continues to do his duty and control his soldiers, but he continues to watch Jesus closely.


There are many journeys going on here. I cannot tell you much about Simon. A dark man in the wrong place at the right time? Legends will grow up around him, but I suspect that he is a little like the figure of Barabbas, a bit player in events larger than his understanding. The centurion is definitely on a journey, but he probably doesn’t know it yet. He journeys in the shadows of a cross. The women who watch? Definitely. They are Mark’s real witnesses of what happened to Jesus on this day. Those named disciples, are not here, not in Mark’s account.


Glory of Jesus
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