Mark's Passion 2 “Humiliations” 6am


The hard sun rises early in these parts. The whole troop is ordered out to do their duty, but first some fun for some. Who are these soldiers, but you and me with weapons. Like soldiers in every army there are the small number who enjoy the opportunity for unrestrained violence, the many who just go along with it and stand around. There are those who watch with sickened hearts, those who turn away, and those who watch them for signs of weakness.
Soldiers have off duty hours. They get around. The Gospels record occasions when Roman soldiers mingled with the crowds that followed Jesus and some even sought the ministry of Jesus.
Should we be surprised that some of these are conflicted too? Some continue to watch Jesus very closely. Why the plural in the title? When the savagery of the human heart is revealed, all of us are humiliated.


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