Greg Footit

Greg grew up in Lilydale and attended Croydon High School from 1962 – 1968. In his senior years his interest in the visual arts began to emerge under the influence of a faithful Art Teacher called “Mrs Thompson” – who gave him encouragement (and the run of the art wing.) 

He completed a Diploma in Fine Arts (ART AND DESIGN) in 1970, majoring in painting and printmaking. Major influences at this stage were Fred Williams, Vincent Van Gogh and others. During this period Greg developed his passion for the Australian landscape.

In 1972 he married Sharon, his major critic, encourager, and for many years, financial supporter.

He has held exhibitions of his work on a number of occasions and in a variety of locales:

1973 – Hawthorn City Art Gallery – Exiting Student Group Exhibition

1974 – Hawthorn City Art Gallery – Joint Exhibition with Naomi Cebon

1975 – “Canvasses” Hawthorn City Art Gallery – One Person Show

1979 – Hawthorn City Art Gallery – Group Show

1983 – Croydon Art Gallery – One Person Show

1988 – Commission: Painted Portrait of Rev Dr Maurice Betteridge: Principal of Ridley College 

2000 – Home Exhibition

2007 – “Holidays and Holy Days” Exhibition – One Person Show in Liddiard Gallery, Holy Trinity Oakleigh.

From 1983 - 85 Greg was Head of the Art Department at Lilydale Technical School

In 1985 he entered training for ordained ministry and was ordained Deacon in 1986 and appointed Deacon-in-Charge of St. Augustine’s, Moreland

In 1994 he was appointed as Vicar to St. John’s, North Frankston with St. Luke’s Carrum Downs.

in 1998 he was appointed as Vicar to Holy Trinity, Oakleigh

Much of the Christian art work shown here was produced for use in worship/devotional settings at Holy Trinity Oakleigh



Glory of Jesus
Wonder of Creation

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